How to Order

Taking time with these questions can be helpful in creating your custom furniture or sculpture commission.  Steven works with you at every step of the decision-making and design process.  (Photos below depict many available design details)

For all work:
  • What type of piece are you looking for and what will be its primary use?
  • What are the approximate dimensions of the piece?
  • What type of metal, wood or woods work best for your setting?  (samples available for a small refundable fee)
  • Which design elements would you like to include in the piece?  (copper panels, raku-fired tiles or forms, metal inlay, other)
For sculpture:
  • What mood or feeling is to be evoked?
  • What inspiration do you wish to take from the piece?
For tables and cabinets or bathroom vanities:
  • What type of top? (copper metal, solid wood, soapstone; or a glass overlay with tile, metal, or other inlay beneath it)
  • Which type of legs or feet? (metal, wood, straight/tapered, cabriole, other)
  • Which type of drawer or door hardware? (see several possible options below)
If there is a Hayden Arts design you have seen on this site or at a show, Steven is happy to create a piece for you based upon that design.  If you desire a customized mix of elements or materials, he will gladly make a piece to your preference.  The work seen here can also be used as a starting point for something entirely new.

Using state-of-the-art CAD renderings, Steven presents new designs in lifelike 3-D images which can be inserted into a photo of the proposed space.  This technology can be used to ensure that a piece will fit for size and design into your setting.

A guiding philosophy of fine craftsmanship that Steven adheres to is that a piece of furniture should, first and foremost, feel good.  The finish should feel nice under hand, drawers and doors should operate smoothly, and the piece should feel stable and well-built.  To achieve this "feel," Steven uses joinery designed to last a lifetime (and beyond) and his pieces convey this sense of permanence.  Each is completely hand-made and no two will be exactly the same.

Years of honing his fine furnishing techniques find artistic expression in his mixed-media sculpture pieces.  Each is expertly created to be exquisitely beautiful.

Lead Time and Payment For Custom Work:
Steven Hayden's work is in high demand.  He creates one piece at a time giving careful attention to heirloom quality construction and artistry.  Lead times vary based upon the intricacies and complexity of the design as well as the number of commissions already in progress.  Currently, custom projects fill his calendar through late winter 2017.  He will do everything possible to meet your scheduling needs, to clearly communicate time frames at the time an order is placed, and to provide updates throughout the process.  Generally, a 50% deposit is due when an order is placed with balance due upon completion.  Packing, shipping, and delivery charges are usually billed separately.

Details and Options

Door and Drawer Pulls (custom options also available)

Large double scroll pull
(domestic cherry wood)

"Conch" pull

"Whale Tail" pull
(cherry wood)

"Three Sticks" pull
(Brazilian cherry wood)

Pyramid pull 
(Brazilian cherry wood)

Simple scroll pull
(domestic cherry wood)

Carved wood pyramid pulls
(cherry and wenge woods)
"ThreSticks" pull
(walnut wood)

Table Top Options:  solid wood, framed in wood, ceramic tiles or copper mosaics under glass, or natural stone  

Domestic cherry wood, inlaid metal

Copper-glazed, raku-fired "Herringbone" tile
under glass; flame grain cherry center

Copper-glazed, raku-fired "Circles" tile under glass

Abstract copper metal elements under glass

Copper-glazed, raku-fired
"Herringbone" tile under glass

Copper-glazed, raku-fired ceramic maple and oak leaves
under glass

Copper-glazed, raku-fired
"Herringbone" tile;
copper metal center
under glass

Horse hair tile under glass