Collaborations with Glass Artist, Alex Kalish

Steven Hayden collaborated with Alex Kalish on the work below.

Hayden also often incorporates Kalish's blown glass into mixed media sculpture.

Kalish's stunning glass designs pair beautifully with Hayden's metal and wood work as

each conveys a sense of graceful motion.

Counterclockwise from Left:

-Garden gate:  wrought iron frame and scrolls by Steven Hayden; Glass rondels by Alex Kalish.  Winner of the Public Choice Award at the 77th Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair.
This and similar designs have been commissioned for deck railing panels, interior banister panels, room dividers, and window treatments.

-Table lamp:  wrought iron base and finial by Steven Hayden; Glass shade by Alex Kalish.

-Decorative rondel and display:  wrought iron leaves by Steven Hayden; Glass rondel by Alex Kalish.