Garden Sculpture

Steven Hayden's garden sculpture graces private and public settings.  Contact Hayden to commission sculpture.

Latest News

Hayden's original sculpture works have been accepted to the annual Meredith Sculpture Walk, a year round exhibit.

"Spirit's Daughter," stainless steel, copper
Meredith Sculpture Walk
 site #31 2015 - 2016 | site #16 2014

"Open Water II," stainless steel
Meredith Sculpture Walk 
site #9 2014 only
(accepted to Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden Jun - Nov 2015)

"Black Sailboat," hammered copper sails and stainless riggings by Hayden.  Wrought iron hull, masts, and display stand by David Little.   Meredith Sculpture Walk  site #28 2015 - 2016 | site #22 2014
 "Lover's Light," stainless steel
(with glass by Alex Kalish)
 Meredith Sculpture Walk site #3.
New for 2015 - 2016 

  The Meredith Sculpture Walk is a self-guided or docent-guided sculpture path along Main Street, throughout the Mill Falls Marketplace, and beside Lake Winnipesaukee, in Meredith, NH.
  "Spirit's Daughter" (above, left) is a public installation originally commissioned for the Courtyard on Main Street (article on page 9) in Meredith.  This stainless steel and copper sculpture was inspired by lakeside living.  Its title pays tribute to Lake Winnipesaukee--a lake whose name is a Native American word translated as "Smile of the Great Spirit."  Its design elements draw from the beauty and bounty of the lakes.  Read more here (article on page 14).  In 2015, it was relocated to site #31 of the 2nd annual Meredith Sculpture Walk, a year round exhibit.
  "Open Water II" (2nd from left), at site #9 for the 1st annual MSW, is the 2nd in a stainless steel series.  It contrasts the stationary sturdiness of steel with a design suggesting gentle motion and flow. From June to November 2015 it was part of the Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden's annual exhibit.
  "Black Sailboat" (third from left) at site #28, is a collaboration with Winnipesaukee Forge artist-blacksmith, David Little.  Little
modeled the vessel from a book of photographs taken by his great grandfather in the 1880s.

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Clockwise from above left right.

A)   Metal and Glass 9  forged stainless steel  (glass by Alex Kalish).

B)   Petit Pois  forged stainless steel,  raku-fired ceramic spheres  (turned wood discs by Christopher Strassner). 

C)   Memorial  wrought iron, forged steel, copper, river stone, and turquoise.

D)   The Tide  forged enameled steel.  This piece was part of the 2013 Flying Horse Annual Outdoor Sculpture exhibit at The Pingree School in North Hamilton, MA and the 2015 Art in Nature:  Outdoor Sculpture exhibit at The Fells in Newbury, NH.

E)   Metal and Glass 1  forged stainless steel, (glass by Alex Kalish). 

F)  Metal and Glass 2  forged steel   (glass by Alex Kalish).  This work is available at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Gallery in Meredith, NH.

G)   Open Water  forged stainless steel,  carved soapstone.  This   piece is the first in a series.  It was part of the Sculpture Garden at the annual League of NH Craftsmen's.  It was also accepted to the Flying Horse Annual Outdoor Sculpture exhibit at the Pingree School in North Hamilton, MA.  It is available from Steven Hayden Arts in Meredith, NH.  Please contact us to inquire.

H)   The Big Idea  forged steel, stainless steel, and copper.  This piece was part of the "Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit" at Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Gardens.  It is available from Steven Hayden Arts in Meredith, NH.  Please contact us to inquire.

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