Lighting and Candelabra

Copper-saturated glaze, raku-fired ceramic lamps
A Hayden Arts lamp or lighting
fixture acts as its own spotlight, highlighting the texture, color, and
form Hayden achieves in his combinations of ceramic, wood,
and metal elements.

An array of design details can
be combined to complement
any decor.

With each element handcrafted,
customizing a piece to your
specific setting and unique
preferences is readily done.

Carved mahogany and
"flame painted" copper metal shades

Maple, "flame-painted" 
Cherry, maple, 
hammered copper

NEW:  sculptural series - carved cherry, wrought iron

Cherry, maple,
"flame-painted" copper

NEW: sculptural series - carved cherry, wrought iron 

Cherry, maple, 
"flame-painted" copper

    Cherry, wrought iron, 
"silver" inlay

"Flame painted" copper, wrought iron

Birch, cherry, maple, copper

Mahogany, cherry, hammered copper

Bloodwood, cherry, wrought iron

Bloodwood, maple,
wrought iron
Mahogany, maple, steel
Copper-saturated, raku-fired ceramic
Bloodwood, maple, acid etched copper

Cherry, maple, copper

For additional lighting options (at left), click to view collaborations with
Winnipesaukee Forge's David Little



Every Candelabrum by Hayden Arts is a unique
sculptural work of art.  With their swirling elements and
varied texture, the forms suggest motion
which is enhanced by the play of candle light and its
reflection in the candle cups' random metallic hues.

Steven begins with hand thrown ceramic candle cups that are raku-fired with his signature copper-saturated glaze. 
Next, he creates the form of the piece by forging iron that he hammers, curves, and twists to mimic the spiral tails
of the candle cups.  He forms the base from metal or
hardwood to ground the piece.

Ideal for a dining table, mantle piece, or stand-alone
accent in any room; these are one of a kind pieces.