Steven began his artistic career as a potter specializing in raku-fired vessels and fine dinnerware.
The glazes and forms he uses today are a result of decades of experimentation and practice
and often combine metal and other elements to add texture and visual interest to the pieces.

Steven's raku-fired ceramic "Wishing Vessel" is based upon a Chinese legend that holds: 
a wish placed within a lidded vessel comes true...when it is for the best.

Copper-glazed raku-fired ceramic "Wishing Vessels" with copper metal "Trio" lids

Copper-glazed raku-fired ceramic "Wishing Vessel," with copper metal "Duo" lid

Copper-glazed raku-fired ceramic vessels with forged steel and wrought copper lids and embellishments


In Metal

This alternate version of Steven's *"Wishing Vessels" is made of brushed steel.  The pieces range in height from 4" - 10" and are available at his shows and in League of NH Craftsmen galleries.


Large Vessels:

Copper-glazed raku-fired ceramic weed pot form 
 Copper-glazed raku-fired vase with handles